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Marketing Analytics

Integrate your marketing platforms, track your top KPIs, and bring it into insightful dashboards, so you can spend less time chasing numbers and more time doubling down on marketing that works.

Lookerstudio dashboards overlapping


You’re manually chasing numbers you aren’t even sure are correct.

The move to Google Analytics 4 has been rough

GA4 is hard to use and you’re overwhelmed by the shift to event-based tracking.

You aren’t sure that your tracking is set up correctly

Your goals don’t work anymore and you’re worried you aren’t tracking the right events.

You’re spending too much time finding numbers

You’re pulling numbers from different platforms instead of making decisions.

You are unsure what you should be reporting on

You aren’t confident in the data and story that you have to present to leadership.


Eliminating trust issues with your marketing data.

Full funnel marketing KPIs including views, clicks, conversions, meetings, pipeline, and revenue

1. Identify your key metrics.

First, we will meet to discuss your most pressing reporting issues and what your ideal reporting state would be, including the most important metrics you’re responsible for driving across the buyer journey.

2. Audit and discovery

We will audit your GA4 and Google Tag Manager setups, and understand the marketing platforms where you have data stored. Then present a tailored tracking strategy for clean-up and consolidation and for you to achieve your ideal reporting state.

Marketing sources including meta, youtube ads, email, website, and linkedin ads

3. Clean up and consolidate

Once the tracking strategy is approved, we will work to clean up your existing issues. Then, we will bring the data from your various marketing sources into a single location, cleanse it, and extract the most important metrics for the business.

4. Create interactive dashboards

Once your data is consolidated into a single location, we can create interactive dashboards that showcase performance according to your requirements. Now you can spend time making faster decisions instead of manually chasing numbers.

Examples of marketing dashboards in Looker Studio


Package Options

Flexible options based on your specific data needs. If there’s something you don’t see here, contact us and we’re happy to create an option that best serves your business.