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About Us

Our Story

Nash and Tas Bober founded Delphinium Solutions in 2023. Named after the July flower (the birth flower of their two children and ironically, when the business was official), the business was an accidental blessing after Tas started posting her thoughts on LinkedIn in 2023, and started generating interest for consulting work.

The business specializes in our two different but overlapping expertise in digital marketing and data analytics, helping companies make sense of their internal data and external marketing efforts.

Nash and Tas are based in Columbus, OH.

About Nash Bober

About Tas Bober

Tas is a B2B marketing leader with over 15 years working in-house at B2B companies leading their digital and website departments. During her time in-house, she managed to drive 235% increase in digital-sourced pipeline, 30% increase in conversions, and 30% decrease in operational costs. Having been a software buyer for many years, she saw a gap in how companies market to buyers. Today, she specializes in helping B2B SaaS companies with their paid ads landing page strategy that better aligns with how B2B buyers research and purchase solutions.