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Paid Ads Landing Pages Built for B2B Buying.

We help growth-stage B2B SaaS companies create paid ads landing pages that match how B2B buyers buy — aiding in product research, reinforcing your differentiation, and getting you on the short list for purchase consideration.


B2B SaaS landing pages don’t perform like B2C

You aren’t strategic about how you lay out information

There’s either too little or too much information and they tend to be more company-centric than buyer-centric.

You measure performance based on direct conversions

The B2B buying journey has multiple touchpoints so direct conversions should not be the sole indicator of performance.

You are focused on driving volume of leads over quality

You’re under fire to deliver leads but it means nothing if those leads don’t ultimately create quality pipeline.

You either have no landing page or too many

Ads going to your homepage isn’t ideal as most are unclear. But too many landing pages can be a management nightmare.


Create and measure landing pages according to the B2B buying journey

Strategic information placement on pages.

The B2B buyer journey is deeply rooted in research so we build a landing page strategy focused on providing information your buyers need before selecting you for evaluation. Each page has a strategic story that includes:

  1. Outlining you understand their problem
  2. Showcasing the product and its value
  3. Showing how you’re different from your competitors
  4. Handling any potential objections
  5. Telling buyers what to expect if they contact you

Measurement beyond conversions.

For B2B, measuring a campaign or landing page performance based on direct conversions is a trap. If a buyer is collecting information about products then we must also measure their “consumption” of that information. We will help you look at measurement two ways to understand effectiveness:

  1. Consumption metrics: keywords, visits, heatmap data, scroll data, session recordings, and more.
  2. Conversion metrics: on-page, off-page (overall website), full-funnel metrics (leads, meetings, & pipeline quality)

Enable your buyers to self-qualify.

By providing information freely on landing pages including your process, your pricing, and who you serve (and who you don’t), you will help prospects come to you 80% ready to buy.

Our goal is to help you get leads with a higher propensity to buy, not just hit meaningless lead volume targets.

Few manageable foundational landing pages.

Landing pages help directly deliver on a buyer’s query or on what your ads have promised. But that doesn’t mean you need hundreds. We help you build a core set of landing pages that are evergreen and can be massaged over time.

The best part? The learnings on these pages can be translated to your main website to bring the overall performance up.

How each landing page translates to the main website


4 simple steps to an always-on and foundational B2B landing page strategy

A shared workspace

To keep all the activities, documents, and deliverables in one place, we will create a shared workspace through Coda. No account creation necessary. It functions as a website for you and your team. You will have access to it forever, even after our engagement is complete.

The buyer’s journey landscape

To get up to speed quickly, we create what we call a “buyers journey landscape”. We use the Fletch methodology to understand your product’s value proposition, we map out your differentiated value, the market and ICP, and your sales process.

Create your wireframe set

Depending on your product and segment mix, we will create a recommended set of landing page wireframes. All wireframes come with finished messaging and work within the context of your existing website design, no development work necessary. You review the content and simply hand off to your web team to implement.

Your distribution & testing strategy

We audit your paid ads accounts with immediate actionable items, along with high-level advising for what keywords and ads are best matched for each landing page. We also tell you what metrics to track and teach you how to build a testing roadmap. And yes, if you need it, we also offer paid ads advisory or management.

“Just say yes to working with Tas. She got up to speed on our niche business so quickly, including understanding all of the technical industry jargon (which I was extremely impressed by), and provided the exact guidance we needed to optimize our landing pages without being overwhelming. Tas is a wealth of information, as well as, the most punctual and communicative consultant I’ve worked with. Can’t wait for our next project together!”

Christine Vidal
Demand Gen Lead


Landing Page Packages

The number of landing pages you need is based on how many different products or segments you are going after. This is because the keywords or ads driving users to those pages will be different. Your landing pages should be relevant to a search query or an ad.

Let’s create your landing page strategy.

Number 1 Icon in Purple

Preliminary questions

We ask some preliminary questions to better prepare for our discovery meeting.

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Schedule a meeting

You will be taken to a calendar link to schedule a 30-minute meeting with Tas.

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Walk through specifics

We will walk through your issues and our process to create landing page wireframes.

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Select package and start

If you like what you see, select a package, sign the contract, and we send the kick-off email.


Some common questions that have come up from our previous engagements that might be helpful for you to know.

Will we work with Tas directly?

Yes, you will work with Tas directly as the point of contact. We do employ copywriters but Tas reviews every wireframe before delivery to you.

Do you build the landing pages?

We provide wireframes with finished messaging. We do not build the landing pages in your system. This helps keep us tool-agnostic.

Do you offer paid ads management?

Yes, we work with a partner who helps execute on paid ads. We have both advisory and full execution options.

How long does it take to deliver the wireframes?

Typically 4-6 weeks from the start of the engagement (within the second 30-day window).

What are your payment terms?

We require the first 30-days payment up-front to begin the engagement. Some customers pay in full to keep it within a specific quarter’s budget.