Paid Ads Landing Page Strategy for
Growth-Stage B2B SaaS Startups.

Paid campaign landing page strategies that are scalable, easy to manage, and capture in-market users.

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The Paid Ads and Landing Page Gap

Ad platforms are more expensive and you have to deliver more quality leads.

Your landing pages are an after-thought in your campaign checklist.

The user journey isn't linear and your campaign structures are messy.

How I Solve Your Paid Ads & Landing Page Problem

  • Collect research on the customer experience, the sales process, and the product features.

  • The above information is plugged into my Paid Ads to Pipeline Blueprint dashboard.

  • The dashboard will help create the core campaign strategy for paid search & paid social.

  • The dashboard contains 6 landing page frameworks to use in your campaigns.

  • All your team needs to do is implement the strategy step-by-step.

  • I will train them on how to analyze the data, run tests, and make modifications.


Tas Bober

  • 15 years in B2B Digital Marketing

  • Led 3 Digital Marketing departments

  • Worked on 400+ websites

  • Managed budgets up to $10M in paid media

  • Grew digital-sourced revenue by 200%+

  • Educator - B2B Buzz B School, MBA Research Facility

  • Featured on 6+ podcasts including:

    • Exit Five Podcast by Dave Gerhardt

    • The Marketer Show by Marketer Hire

Tas Bober Profile Picture
Tas Bober Profile Picture

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